How It Works

Independent artists

1) Artists design it

Each design comes from an independent artist who gets 20% of each sale.

Sublimation shirt printing

2) We print it

Using a special type of printing called sublimation for insane color vibrancy.

Crazy shirts

3) You rock it

Wearing RaveNectar is an experience in itself. This is truly unique rave clothing.

If you're looking for rave clothing, crazy shirts, or yoga mats that stand out you have come to the right place. The pieces you'll find here will help you to stand out and make an impression that no one will forget.

Unusual Designs

One of the most appealing things about RaveNectar clothing and yoga mats are the designs we use. We don't opt for simple, time-honored prints like polka dots or plaids. Instead, we work with talented artists to create designs that are both unconventional and artistic.

Many of the artists that design prints for RaveNectar have unusual backgrounds. Valeria Degli Agostini attended an experimental arts high school and went on to study subjects like polymer clay modeling and animation. All of these things have had a real impact on the designs she creates. Her prints look like they're in motion, even when the person wearing them is perfectly still.

Erick Morell is another talented artist that creates prints for RaveNectar. He works as a professional mural artist, and his designs have a street art quality to them. When you wear one of his pieces, you won't feel like you're wearing an ordinary tank top or t-shirt. Instead, you'll feel like you're dressed in a genuine work of art.

You can see a list of all our artists by selecting "artists" in the top menu bar above.

Clothing Fit

When it comes to clothing, the fit is crucial. When the fit is right, even a basic article of clothing can look incredibly stylish. Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to make jeans and a t-shirt look so good? It's because most Hollywood stars have all of their clothing tailored to fit their bodies.

While most people can't afford to have all of their clothing tailored, they can afford to shop at RaveNectar. The tops sold here have a looser fit that's flattering on many different body types.

Our women's tanks have scoop necklines, which tend to be very flattering on most women. Scoop necklines can create the illusion of a longer neck and can help to hide fat underneath the chin. This neckline can also make women look like they have an hourglass shape; it contributes to balance the upper and lower half of the body.

The men's t-shirts have crew necks, which are also very flattering. Crew neck t-shirts can give a man's body a more proportionate look. Also, these types of t-shirts can broaden the neckline and make shoulders look square. The majority of men look fantastic in crew neck shirts.


Although the prints sold at RaveNectar are very bold, the pieces themselves are incredibly versatile. T-shirts and tanks can be dressed up and dressed down with ease, which means that any items you buy here can be worn in many different ways.

If the weather is warm, you may want to pair ones of these tops with a simple pair of shorts. If it's chilly outside, you can easily layer a jacket or hooded sweatshirt over your clothing.

If you're interested in creating a look that is truly unique, you could style our pieces in a more unusual way. You could pair a psychedelic tank top with a bright pair of leggings and statement jewelry; you could combine a top with a long skirt, scarf, and sandals for a boho look.

When you choose to buy clothing from RaveNectar, you won't have to wear the shirt the same way every time. You'll be able to style the pieces you buy in a way that is unique to you.

While our clothing stands out, it also allows you to express your style. You won't have any limits when you choose to wear these kinds of crazy shirts.

High-Quality Materials

When you purchase clothing, you need to pay attention to the kind of material that clothing is made from. This is especially true if you're going to be buying your clothes online. When you shop online, you can't touch fabrics and see how they feel; you have to rely on the information found in product descriptions.

The products sold at RaveNectar are made from 100% polyester, which is ideal for brightly colored designs. Polyester fibers are incredibly strong and durable. Once these fabrics are dyed, the colors hold onto their luster. They won't fade over time.

Also, the fabrics they use are incredibly soft to the touch, which means that they are very comfortable to wear. If you're going to be wearing your clothing outdoors, or for an extended period, you need to make comfort one of your top priorities.

Polyester shirts feel great on the body, and they last for a very long time. Polyester doesn't wrinkle, and it's resistant to water, which means that it dries very quickly. If you invest in one of these shirts, you'll be able to wear it as often as you would like.

A Wide Range Of Sizes

There are few things as frustrating as finding a great piece of clothing, then discovering that it doesn't come in your size. Luckily, the products that sold here at RaveNectar come in many different sizes.

Their women's shirts start at XS and go all the way up to 2XL. Because the shirts have a looser fit, and the fabric has some stretch to it, women who normally wear 3X should also be able to wear these shirts comfortably.

The men's shirt also come in a wide range of sizes. These shirts start at size small and go up to 3XL. Most men should be able to purchase a shirt that fits them perfectly.

A lot of clothing retailers have limited size options. However, we know that people of all sizes love to wear crazy clothes.

New Designs Added Regularly

While there are many appealing designs at RaveNectar, those designs aren't all that this store has to offer. As mentioned above, we work with a broad range of artists, and we add new designs here on a regular basis.

If you love the designs you see in the store shop now; you should check back regularly to see what's new. There are bright, unique designs added all the time. You're sure to see something that suits your taste.

Clothing is more than something you wear to cover your body. It's something that you can use to communicate your taste and personality to the rest of the world.

If you want people to take notice of you, you should try to choose clothing that stands out. Our rave clothing is comfortable and easy to wear, but it is also very fashionable. It's perfect for someone with an edgy or outgoing personality.

Our Favorite Rave Clothes

There are various places where you can shop for rave outfits, but only a few places offer fine clothing made exactly for rave festivals. That's why we have taken the time to highlight some our favorite rave outfits for both men and women.

Men's Rave Wear

APEX Shirt

Apex shirt is an excellent shirt that works for both on indoor or outdoor events. This unique shirt features multiple colors which make it easy to match with pants or shorts of any color. The shirt is designed by APEX designs.

Level 61 Shirt

This unique shirt is perfect for the beach. Why? Because it features bright colors which make the top look excellent under direct sunlight. Moreover, you can also attend an evening rave party wearing the same top and still look great. The level 61 shirt is designed by Brian Corin.

Subaqueous Shirt

The subaqueous shirt can be worn with jeans of any color. That is because the shirt features tropical colors which make this top look great for any event. The shirt is designed by Graham Considine.

Women's Rave Wear

Wave Tank

Wave tank is an excellent top that can be worn by women during a rave event. What makes this top unique is its amazing colors and style. You can match this top with your hair, shoes and event pants. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to wear the wave tank with a pair of pants, but you can also match the top with a short skirt. The wave tank is designed by Valeria Degli Agostini.

Lanikea Tank

Women who prefer to wear top tanks that have bright colors and unique patterns can go for Lanikea top tank. This rave outfit was designed with unique features such as polka dots and drawings that are very attractive. You can put on Lanikea tank with jeans of skirt depending on the nature of the rave event. Sam Ferrand designs this amazing outfit.

Printed Yoga Mats

Finally, we're going to mention our quality yoga mats that you can purchase from RaveNectar are some of the unique that you will ever see. The incredible colors and designs will inspire you to consider getting one either for yourself or a friend.

Some of our yoga mats are representative of the seven chakras of the human body such as the Waking Life yoga mat. Others include sacred geometry such as the Sugar Magnolia yoga mat which also has psychedelic imagery that is perfect for this type of exercise. Others include Plant Consciousness which uses wavelike designs that can inspire you to do yoga, or the Regeneration yoga mat featuring the face of a Hindu girl. All of these are designed by different people who have been inspired in some way to create these images which will captivate anyone.

Our yoga mats are unique and every time you take your to yoga class people will ask you where you got it. They want one too.


We have an incredible selection of rave clothing, festival outfits and yoga mats that work for both men and women. If you are looking for something special to give as a gift or to make yourself standout, browse through our collection and check out the latest rave outfits that we have to offer.

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