See The Light

by John Speaker

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About the Art

"This psychedelically spacey shirt pattern was created from an original acrylic painting.ÕÔÕ__ÍâÕÔÕ_ÕÔÕ_ÕÔ_ÕÔÕ___ Each eyeball in the pattern represents a point of consciousness looking toward the "white light" of our infinite potential. As we all begin to realize our potential, we form a web of connections, and become one fractalized system bound together by love.ÕÔÕ__ÍâÕÔÕ_ÕÔÕ_ÕÔ_ÕÔÕ___ Wearing this shirt at a concert, festival, or any event that celebrates creative energy is a way to visually express your love for the explosive power of our collective energy." -- John Speaker

Art by John Speaker

Creating artwork is a practice through which one offers their entire being to the mystery of creativity. When the brush hits the canvas, it’s as if time stops and the artist is invited to sway harmoniously with the universe. Each... More »

Made of 100% Polyester, but feels soft as cotton -- guaranteed

Machine wash, design will not fade if you hang dry

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