Non-Linear Thinking Ice

by Jay Tripper

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About the Art

Through the chaos of life, there will be lefts and there will be rights, ups and downs, obstacles and fast lanes. Though we all choose a different path, we may get to co-exist for a short while. Enjoy our time together, share your space, branch off when you need to, rejoin the clan when you need to. Sway and stray. Sometimes non-linear thinking is the only solution. Embrace the weird, the unknown, the geometric, the organic, the surreal, and the hard right angles. Ben, wrap, warp, stretch, converge, meld, dissolve, plunge, climb, soar. Ignite your passionate fire. Inspire the uninspired.

Art by Jay Tripper

Jay Tripper is a Toronto-born graphic designer, illustrator, and creative gun who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Priding himself on his unique ‘modern vintage’ style, his works consist of a delicious mixture of bold, eye-catching, colourful, and thought-provoking... More »


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