Art Submission

Are you an artist, a drawer, a creator? Is your artwork clear, vibrant, and unique? Does it look like it belongs at a rave? If so, submit your design to Ravenectar! We’re always looking for new and talented artists – we want to put YOUR art out there so that the whole world can enjoy it.

ANYONE can submit their own artwork.

Interested? Fill out this form: 


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Q: What file type should the design be saved as?

A: They should be saved and sent as .jpg or .pdf if the design is vector.


Q: What kind of art are you looking for?

A: Everything! We really like BRIGHT colors, clean lines, funky shapes, visionary concepts, psychedelic themes…the sky’s the limit.


Q: What file type?

A: Make sure that design files are at least 7000x7000 pixels. Otherwise they will look grainy on a shirt.


Q: How many designs can I submit?

A: As many as you want. Even if the designs that you initially submit are not accepted, you can always send over other pieces. Feel free to make adjustments for resubmission or to submit entirely new and different pieces.


Q: How much do artists get?

A: If your design ends up becoming a Ravenectar item, you get 20% from all of your sales.


Q: How are artists paid?

A: We’ll send out monthly payments using Paypal.


Q: Do artists get to buy their own shirts at a lower price?

A: Yes! You can buy your Ravenectar shirts at cost.


Q: Can I have my own designs printed using sublimation at your print shop?

A: Absolutely. Our shop can print on just one side or both sides. Just email us with an estimate of what you’d like and we’ll send over a quote with more information.


Q: Do I get to keep the full rights to my work? 

A: YES! When you work with us you maintain full rights and ownership of your work. You license us the rights to temporarily use your artwork on our products. You are free to terminate the licensing agreement at any time. 


For more information about becoming a RaveNectar artist please visit the Artist FAQ page.