Our Artists

We truly appreciate all the artists who make our world more beautiful.

Think about the last time you saw an AWESOME design or print on a piece of clothing. Most designs are nothing special or have been done before… but some are simply incredible. You wonder, "Wow. Can I rock that? Who made that? How long did it take them? What other crazy designs do they have?" You check Google, but nothing comes up. The clothing brand's website? Nope, nothing there about the artist. 

Their creative genius is what makes the clothing magical, yet their names are under-appreciated and hidden by many layers of licensing agreement jargon. Unfortunately, many of those artists stay anonymous or obscure and receive little compensation (about 3% - 7% of sales). 


Not at Ravenectar.


As a Ravenectar artist, you get…

… 20% of each shirt sale (i.e. You get $100 if 10 shirts of your design were sold)

… online exposure and promotional support from the Ravenectar team.

… a section on our website about you and your art.

… the ability to purchase any quantity and size of shirts from us AT-COST so that you can sell or showcase them at your next event. We have the lowest printing rates in the sublimation industry ;)

… a HUGE audience!


Our mission is not just to bring you veritable works of art  -- we also want to give our utmost support to the talented independent artists who created the artwork.We want them to shine and be seen everywhere, both offline and online. 


Click here to submit your artwork, or email us at [email protected] We look forward to meeting you!