About Sam Farrand

All of my creations are an attempt to illustrate the layers that make up consciousness as I perceive it to be. I like to start all my work off with a black background; to me it represents the space of unbound infinte potential. This space is talked about in many religious beliefs and creation myths from around the world and is what is commonly referred to as “the void” or “clear light”. When I create from this clear light it allows me to enter into a deep sacred space where I can attune to the subtle energy and vibrations of the world around us and most importantly that which is within us. Some of the dominant reoccurring themes that I enjoy creating are expressions of ancient and contemporary culture, geometry, divine proportion, spirituality, architecture, symbolism and nature. Creating in this fashion is a spiritual experience for me and often times produces the feelings of bliss, excitement, wonder and nostalgia; it is my hope as the artist that my art can help evoke the same feelings for you and also offer a similar spiritual experience.

Samuel Farrand is a international digital artist and graphic designer raised and currently residing in New Hampshire. Sam started exploring the digital medium in 2002 after he first discovered Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then in 2004 shortly after he discovered Adobe Illustrator he decided to adopt the digital medium as a means of creative expression. His early works would have hints of inspiration by artists such as MC Escher, Victor Moscoso, Wes Wilson and Salvador Dali. In 2008 Sam took his art further and enrolled into Chester College a private art school located outside of Manchester, NH where he would pursue his BA in Graphic Design

It is at Chester College where Sam would spend countless hours participating in brutal critiques and taking intensive classes in art and design history and theory. Having being educated in art history Sam was able to come up with his own unique artistic style. Drawing his inspiration from ancient and contemporary culture, sacred geometry, spirituality, fantasy and nature, Sam weaves his inspirations by representing them through patterns rooted in fractal, recursive or logarithmic mathematics. Sam has developed the technical skill to weave several inspiring thoughts into one another so that in the end what lies before the viewer is a complex composition that resembles a dreamscape in which fantastical imagery, geometry and vivid colors are interwoven with one another.

Professional Career
Sam launched his work publicly at his successful art opening “Resonance” in April of 2012. With social networking and a few good contacts along the way Sam’s work went national within the month having his second show one week later at an event in San Francisco that was put on by visionary artist Alex Grey. The following week his work would be shown in Los Angeles. Since then Sam has shown his work at over 9 major Music and Art Festivals from all over the country, he has done graphic design at a international level and has created his own line of clothing. In October of 2012 Sam curated and directed his first art gallery featuring several international and national visionary artists. 2013 showed a lot of promise for Sam when he was invited to project his work to an audience of 10,000 people on New Years Eve in Berlin, Germany. 2 months later his video project SEA was performed live in Mexico City at a international VJ confrence.


Hypergeometry Tank


Brand T6-Sam Farrand

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