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About Rachel Rosenkoetter

In my work, I strive to express my own unique way of seeing and being. I endeavor to express the spirit of the contemporary bohemian, and to arouse viewers to a new consciousness of the beauty, depth, and interconnectedness of the world.

Employing a saturated color palette and luminous and textural media ranging from illustration markers to textiles, I hope to inspire my viewers to engage with the present moment, in order to evoke compassion and harmony with the earth and its inhabitants. Utilizing chromatic colors, dynamic line work and complex multi-layered patterns, and moved by a “handmade” ethos, I aim to create art that radiates beauty and buzzes with visual meaning.

My work is largely informed by my journeys. I have volunteered in Guatemala, worked on the Navajo Indian Reservation, meditated with the Ishaya Monks and roamed much of the continental United States and Hawaiian islands. I studied abroad in Malaga Spain, which gave me the opportunity to dance Flamenco with the Roma, ride a camel in Morocco, camp in the Sahara desert and explore grottos in Portugal. I have wandered from the Parthenon to the Pantheon and through some sixteen countries in-between.

The visual tropes, iconography, and symbology that I employ have a number of sources: Eastern religion, Western mysticism, traditional tribal patterns, mandalas, fractals, and sacred geometry. I have also taken inspiration from the psychedelic poster art of the 1960s, Vincent Van Gogh’s expressionism, Georgia O’Keefe’s nature-eroticism, and am especially indebted to Art Nouveau and the Vienna Secessionists, notably the work of Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt.

Please join me on my voyage, as I weave new stories of radical awakening and fresh perception, in the hope of re-envisioning our reality, reintegrating the cultural with the natural and rediscovering the truths that have too long lain dormant.

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