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About Nate Gonzalez

Nate Gonzalez, “Gonz Art”, is an up and coming artist and designer based out of Baltimore, Maryland. His style and work has been featured in a number of shows and is routinely seen incorporated into the image and design of major companies. Originating in 2005, Gonzalez’s style began when he customized the image and design for his own band and a number of local artists in the region. By 2007 his style had caught the attention of apparel and technology companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, Wassily Kadinsky, Andy Warhol and pyschadelic poster artists such as Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin and Stan Mouse, Gonzalez’s elements are defined and visually captivating. Molded after the idea of creation, geometry, space, and the subconscious thought throughout everyday life, his fans are able to engage in a piece and unravel the depth to perceive their own images and beauty within it.

His diverse skill set was only further honed by his degree in Fine Arts where he studied both fine and digital art skills in order to translate and transcend the human touch to machine and vice versa. While Gonzalez’s work continues to evolve and gain popularity around the country, his raw ability to connect to a universal audience encourages everyone to open their minds and dream the impossible.

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