Manú Menendez

About Manú Menendez

“Art to live spiritual, mental and physically connected with the universal source. Art to heal and live in the sacred Now”

The Art of Manu Menendez is inspired by the ancient cultures of the world. Shamanism, Eastern mysticism, sacred art, daydreams, Universal love, the Course in Miracles and the knowledge of native groups and their cosmogonies, are some of the pillars of great inspiration of his work which He has been applied magically in the art of illustration, design and visual arts.


Links between sound, color and form. A sacred triad where Mother-Father Cosmos (sound), Creator Spirit (color) and Human being (form) intertwine to create and expand universal blessings of love, healing, freedom and unlimited abundance. The sound seen through the color, the color seen by the form; nothing is disconnected. All of us are threads of a great cosmic fabric that is life.


Death is exposed from the beggining of the ancient knowledge as Spiritual Nature, her presence invites us to connect with the universal creative source where we can find the awakening of consciousness. She can be viewed as a guide that shows the path to purity of being.

Death is constantly creating, if there is no end, there is no beginning. In the background there is no death, there is only life, i mean: The Change. Recognizing that everything is constantly transforming makes that our lives become mirrors. We can see us in every being, in every form, in every moment; there is no duality, no separation.We are all the same in the eyes of love and what we call “life” it’s a dance of illusions”


Beings that make this work full of color and magic are the protective spirits. Animals, plants, rocks, sky and the same elements are transformed into mystical teachers and guides,

creating links of union and power where the human being acquires the ability to integrate the body, mind and spirit with Mother Nature.


The characters involved in this series are the cosmos citizens. Beings who have lost all personal importance and don’t have an image about themselves- Magicians and Alchemists transform everything they touch into light, and walk by the existence transmitting universal consciousness of love, where the world of forms, ego, and matter, are transmuted to return to the essence of energy, vibration and unity.

“I am only a brush where life paints her most beautiful creations.” – M.M
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