Madison Bahmer

About Madison Bahmer

The creativity inside of me has always been flowing out in one shape or another. Ever since I was a child with a simple sheet of paper, I have been actively trying to put what I see in my mind onto various mediums throughout my life. That tiny seed may have started out by drawing with a couple of crayons, but over the years it has evolved into Flash games, websites, mobile applications, video games, and other various pen, marker, and digital art creations. As my outlets changed throughout my life so did the results, but I have always strived to maintain that creative state of mind. These various works may all be considered some form of art, but it is the enjoyment I get out of the imaginative process that is what really keeps me pushing forward.

One day I realized that it could be more than just my friends and family that appreciate my creations, and I looked about and saw the inspiration all around me. The architect who did the plans for my house, the engineer who did the designs for my computer, the craftsman who shaped the wood for my desk, the designer who drew the shirt I am wearing today, the list goes on, but all of these items we use and wear every day were created by every day people just like me. These artists are literally all around us, and I concluded that I wanted to make my mark on that greater collective.

As with any goal, you have to start small before you can become something big, and I would like to thank RaveNectar for giving me this opportunity to pursue something I would have never thought possible. As my creations ebb and flow across different mediums, I find that the real beauty lies within the complements and the appreciation I receive for something I made. My goal is to continue down this creative path where ever it takes me, and do the best I can to push my inner artist to try and make his mark on this little ball of rock floating through space that we call Earth.

Madison Bahmer
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