Kuba Ambrose

About Kuba Ambrose

Born in Melbourne, Kuba Ambrose was visited by powerful dreams in his early youth, which prompted his need to create art. His work primarily deals with the timeless and ongoing relationship between humankind and the Creator. In 2005 he completed a Bachelor of Art in Painting at RMIT before embarking on a nine month journey to Europe to further his growing interest in renaissance art.

In 2007 he spent six months working as a painting apprentice for Austrian artist Prof. Ernst Fuchs. During this time he accompanied Prof Fuchs with ongoing projects in Klagenfurt, Vienna and Monte Carlo and was introduced to a number of early renaissance painting techniques.

In 2008 Kuba began a cycle of works depicting the blueprint of the universal man, Adam Kadmon and the collective crystalline body of humankind. Kuba’s art has exhibited in Europe, the US and Australia and has found it’s way onto the covers of CDs, books and magazines.

Kuba Ambrose has taught painting & sacred art workshops in Cairns, Melbourne, Bali, Italy and Vienna. Since 2012 he has been working as an instructor at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.

To see more of Kuba’s artwork, visit his website!
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