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About Julie Beloussow

Cultivating positive transformation through visionary art, living with purpose, traveling the world, and motivating others to pursue their dreams.


I am a visionary artist with a hell of an appetite for travel. And tea, lots of tea. I reside in the warm and hazy city of Los Angeles, but my heart is in the misty mountains of Northern California. I am deeply enamored with Southeast Asian cultures and art, delight in contemplating the nature of existence, and enjoy playing with fire.

My purpose is to inspire and motivate others to live to their highest potential. To become who they want to be as I myself take on the journey of self-actualization and cultivate inner peace. My mission is to seek fulfillment and happiness over superficial success or material gain, be mindful and minimal, and to walk softly upon Mother Earth. I am a warrior of compassion and self-mastery, and my weapon of choice is art.


~The distinction between the Self and the Universe is a false dichotomy.~


‘I am a miracle made up of particles
and in this existence,
I’ll stay persistent,
and I’ll make a difference
and I will have lived it.’

Botanical Wisdom


Brand T6-Julie Beloussow

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