About Jay Tripper

Jay Tripper is a Toronto-born graphic designer, illustrator, and creative gun who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Priding himself on his unique ‘modern vintage’ style, his works consist of a delicious mixture of bold, eye-catching, colourful, and thought-provoking imagery that has found its way onto concert posters, album covers, and protest lines all over North America.

Jay spent his entire childhood obsessed with music and film. The third child (after two girls), his loving parents raised him on the sounds of the Sixties, and his passion for film essentially blossomed on its own. As the obsession grew to encompass both classic and current films, he plastered every square inch of his bedroom’s walls and ceiling with movie posters and magazine clippings. After graduating high school he ventured off to film school where he spent three years slowly coming to terms with the fact that his true passion was actually the posters on his wall. After being offered a gig travelling around with a rock n roll band filming their performances, he left film school a year early and hit the road. With a brain chock full of VHS covers and classic album covers and quickly a growing network of musicians and artists under his belt, Jay began to put his many skills to good use and started throwing concerts of his own with the bands he had met along his travels, filmed his own shows, and designed his own posters. Passion struck hard, and concert posters led to more concert posters and it snowballed out of control until yet again there was not an empty square inch on his walls….The rest is history.

Jay currently resides in Montreal and has a badass dog named Keef and a loving and supportive partner named Kevin. He recently graduated after spending four years at Dawson College for graphic design. He spends his time making gig posters, album covers, illustrations, band logos, social issue awareness graphics, and he still throws multi-genre events promoting artists and musicians from around the globe (and he still makes all of the posters). His massive network of artists, free-thinkers, event-goers, supporters, and musicians continues to grow every day.


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