Jake Amason

About Jake Amason

Jake has always expressed himself through imagery. As a young adult he left Texas on an art pilgrimage to Colorado, drawn to the beauty and culture. There, his creative expression grew to encompass not only a mode of inner healing, but also a fully immersed spiritual practice. The result was beautiful portrayals of the human experience and universal interconnectedness. His paintings illustrate a journey through a dark reality towards enlightenment.

After studying painting and computer graphics, Jake ventured to Austria to attend the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. At the Academy, he further discovered how to unite intuition and expression. A visual depiction of divine frequencies permeating all of existence, have become the focus of his work. His primary goal is to create images that empower everyone to see their inner beauty, so that we may continue to unite as one.

Continuum Blanket


Brand T6-Jake Amason

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