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About Graham Considine

As a multi-media artist, Graham Considine possesses the innate ability to transform the familiar and known into the abstract and unknown. He creates situations in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function. By focusing on techniques and materials, he tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations.

Graham enjoys working as a freelancer because he has the freedom to work on projects on his own time and at his own pace, and loves being a Graphic Designer because it allows him to build on his creativity in order to reveal new ways of looking at problems. Similar to a problem with multiple, unknown solutions, even when Graham has submitted a “final” design for production, in his mind it is never really finished. However, he does feel a sense of accomplishment when, beyond attaining a harmony between the elements of design, a viewer finds himself or herself mystified by his work.

If you were to question him on the exact basis, formation, and completion of his works of art, he would gladly explain all, but be prepared to take notes – he has a design process that is uniquely his, and his alone. His work doesn’t reference recognizable form. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. By applying abstraction, he formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works.

Constantly on the lookout for new design ideas and strategies, and more efficient ways of accomplishing the task at hand, Graham finds this inspiration in many forms and places; whether it be from a cartoon, one of his favorite design blogs, a sunset, the texture of an object, or a person he passes on the street.

Graham’s canvas takes many forms: paper, digital, textile, clothing, etc.; different media for different audiences. He knows the importance of being able to mold or transform his work for a variety of delivery methods, from print to Web and beyond; and to anticipate how his audience will respond to the both the message and the method.


Henka Leggings


Brand T6-Graham Considine

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