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About Erick Morell

I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1992. I moved to Miami in 2009, started an Associate’s in Int’l Relations and suddenly abandoned it and moved to Pittsburgh in 2014 to attend the Art Institute. I enrolled in the Entertainment Design major (special FX makeup, props and movie production) because I wanted to find a career in which I could apply my drawing and sculpting skills.
My current job is painting murals with the Pittsburgh Mural Project MLK, which involves the community in embellishing the city of Pittsburgh through art. Moving from Miami to Pittsburgh was a huge change for me, and I did in in part because I had the feeling it was going to somehow awaken my creativity, and I was right! Undergoing such a great change gave me a lot of time to examine myself and made me have a spiritual awakening. I realized that I was part of an energy that transcends physical reality, I realized that I, along with every person has an incredible potential for making this world better, and my way of doing so was through art, art that will make others think about the universe and reconsider the way they perceive the world, and realize that we are not mere drones fabricated by a destructive system that is driving our planet towards chaos and our race to extinction. I want to make art to spread awareness and raise consciousness. I think that projects like Rave Nectar are a great way of getting this type of message out there. I dream with being able to travel the world and help other people, meeting artists, doing collaborative public art, etc.

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