Christian Collins

About Christian Collins

Along with 600! DJ performances across the US and Canada, BSM has shown his art at many events including music festivals, galleries, cafes, clubs, city parks, and forests.

“All of my collages are made by hand from cut paper, sourced from magazines, books, flyers and other found print media. Pieces are organized and shuffled over time, layered, then deconstructed and reassembled from the bottom up. The art is then scanned and minimal Photoshop is used to prepare and resize the files. I have been collecting images for more than ten years. Countless hours were spent trimming and organizing tiny bits of paper into categories and filling envelopes full of eye candy, armed and ready for years of future creations. A thousand days spent harvesting and dreaming designs that align with my vision, filtered down and purified from the massive overload of infotoxin that permeates our culture and mainstream media. Decontextualized characters and logos, combined with sacred geometrical symbols, spiritual icons, and totem animals all play a potent visual role in the language I am exploring. I find inspiration in the novel synchronicities that emerge when playing with many layers at once, of pictures that I have hand cut and coveted for years. By utilizing the archive of the collective unconscious, I feel closer to a sense of being able to express magical life experience through this new lexicon of ideas.”