Carolina Nino

About Carolina Nino

Carolina Nino is a graphic artist born in Colombia, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She studied graphic design in Guatemala and photography in Spain. Her sources of inspiration are nature, animals, geometry, and the harmony found in empty spaces. Passion for color leads her to experiment with the most subtle color combinations.

In Guatemala, Carolina has led several workshops focused on creativity and different ways of maximizing creative output.

Founder of the creative studio called OneUp Digital Creative Büro, Carolina is focused on using the internet to work on projects for different countries. It is a new project she hopes to expand in the future.

She would like to take her art to another level, such as exploring motion graphics and creating conceptual work using audiovisuals.
She created a law to itself, as an ethical principle when she began to experiment with different styles of design. According to Carolina, “the space between one object and another is more important than the object itself- in this way we realize visual harmony.”


Crystallize Me Tank


Brand T6-Carolina Nino

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