A Look Inside The Awe-Inspiring Creations of Artist Cameron Gray


Cameron Gray is a masterful visionary artist stemming from Melbourne, Australia. Chances are, you have seen at least one of his many epic pieces of art floating around the internet. His work has the ability to transport the viewer to another dimension, one that seems very mysterious yet oddly familiar. Each creation is packed with a story so detailed that one could gaze upon it endlessly, constantly discovering and connecting.

His influences and admirations include Troy Ruffels, David Ho, Ryan Larkin, Bill Viola, Ash Sivils, Janelle McKain, Simon Haiduk, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Justin Totemical, Android Jones and Pieter Bruegel to name a small selection. He's had some amazing accomplishments, like winning an ARIA Award for Best Album Cover and showcasing his work all around the world. Now go get lost in it below!



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April 28, 2018 by Josiah Lejuwaan