20+ Brand New Designs!

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paid out to our artists


Artists design it

Each design comes from an independent artist who gets 20% of each shirt sale.

Independent artists

We print it

Using a special type of printing called sublimation for insane color vibrancy.

Sublimation shirt printing

You rock it

Wearing RaveNectar is an experience in itself. This is truly unique rave clothing.

Crazy shirts

Rave Reviews

"At the time of the purchase I was not aware of the side effects of RaveNectar, such as chronic feelings of being alive, interconnection with the beauty around me, irreparable damage to ego & impregnation by unconditional love."

Johannes B.

"The two shirts I've been longing to wear showed up tonight!! They look GREAT!! SOOO HAPPY!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Elicia L.

"It would be funny to put a pseudo-warning that the shirts "may appear more bright/vibrant in person than on your computer screen," cause that's something I noticed... and it's awesome."

Max P.

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About RaveNectar

We're all about art, and splashing it all over clothing so you can go out and bring more beauty into the world. Call it rave clothing, festival outfits, crazy shirts -- whatever. It's art and can be worn anywhere and everywhere! It can be your next rave outfit just as well as your Sunday morning church wear! Our clothing is a fantastic conversation starter. But be careful -- if you buy one you might just get addicted to feeling awesome and the rest of your clothing will be ruined ;)